Utility and Loyalty Level

Governance and Utility in One
The Finblox token ("FBX") is a utility token with anticipated governance features native to the Finblox Ecosystem. Finblox plans to list the tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges to enhance accessibility and solidify the ecosystem.

Token Utility and Governance

The utility aspect of the token is the core of FBX, which incentivizes users to hold FBX tokens and participate in our loyalty and reward programs. Some of the benefits of these programs include earning better rewards on their assets, receiving discounts, and subsidized fees on transactions such as those within the exchange of cryptocurrencies, payments, and transfers.
In the future, the FBX token is also expected to become a governance token designed to give its users various rights and privileges to vote on issues that govern the development and growth of the Finblox ecosystem. Finblox plans to implement voting power in 2024.

Token Utility within the Loyalty Level Program

Awesome badges are earned for your account profile when you hold the minimum requirements of a certain level in the Loyalty Level Program. By unlocking higher loyalty levels, more benefits will open up to you, making you feel more excited while accessing the various in-app games that we have now and those that we will design in the future.
Awesome badges for your profile.

🔥 Membership Requirements and Benefits

The benefits are offered to help you feel excited, and in the future, we look forward to adding more fun ways for you to enjoy our ecosystem, unlock more benefits and earn more rewards!

Governance Token (Planned for 2024)

FBX token is planned to have governance qualities that give voting rights and privileges to our users on certain issues that govern the development and growth of the Finblox Ecosystem. This method will allow our projects to share the decision-making power with our community which will hopefully develop and align the company’s values and goals with the interests of our token holders.

Governance Principles

  • Adopting the principle of “one token to equal one vote” allows the foundation of the decision-making process to be more equitable for users and the community
  • Finbox will have zero tolerance for exploits and cheats and will make the details of each proposal public for full transparency
  • Tokens distributed for voting will give more representative power to users with greater holdings. At the same time, we will have preventive measures in place to avoid any abuse of controlling interest. As a precaution, we will implement max limits on FBX token holdings
  • Holding FBX tokens can earn rewards relative to the number of tokens being kept
  • FBX tokens kept in Loyalty Pools will channel a share of its transaction fees across the network

Voting Privileges:

  • Future UI Modifications
  • Future Reward Distributions
  • Future Features
  • Future Programs
  • Future Community Treasury
  • Future Partnerships
The main advantage of having a governance token is building a collaborative and incentivized community to vote on improving the ecosystem's products and services.