Features of FinLaunch

  1. Lowest Fees: One of the key advantages of FinLaunch is its significantly lower fee structure compared to the market average. With fees set at 4%, FinLaunch offers a more cost-effective solution for investors, making it an attractive platform for those looking to maximize their investment returns.

  2. iOS and Android Accessibility: FinLaunch is a cross-platform application that ensures compatibility with iOS and Android devices. This broad accessibility allows investors to engage with the platform regardless of their preferred mobile operating system.

  3. Early Token Claim: FinLaunch introduces a unique feature that enables investors to claim 100% of their tokens within 14 days after listing. This early token claim feature provides investors with a clear advantage, allowing them to secure their tokens swiftly and maximize their investment potential.

  4. No Gas Required to Claim/Distribute: Gone are the days of worrying about transaction fees. FinLaunch eliminates the need for gas fees when claiming or distributing tokens, enabling users to maximize their investments without the hassle of additional costs.

  5. Thriving Community: FinLaunch boasts a strong and vibrant community of over 100,000 members. This community-driven ecosystem fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and engagement among investors, project creators, and other stakeholders. The thriving community adds value to the platform, providing a supportive network for discovering new projects and facilitating growth and success.

  6. Buy with Card (Multiple Tokens): FinLaunch enables users to conveniently purchase tokens using various cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods, such as credit or debit cards. With support for multiple tokens, users have the flexibility and easy access to participate in project launches.

  7. Instant Staking - Yield (Different for Different LL): FinLaunch allows users to stake their tokens instantly and earn attractive yields. With different liquidity lock (LL) options, users can choose the staking duration that suits their investment goals and enhances their potential returns.

  8. Referral Program: Supercharge your project's growth with FinLaunch's built-in referral program. Encourage existing investors to refer new participants, creating a network effect and expanding your project's reach within the crypto community.

  9. Whitelist (Pre-Sales Activity): Facilitate pre-sales activities and create a sense of exclusivity with FinLaunch's whitelist feature. Prioritize early contributors, allowing them to access your project tokens before the public sale.

  10. Mobile Push/Email Marketing: Expand your project's marketing reach by leveraging FinLaunch's mobile push and email marketing capabilities. Reach a wider audience and engage with potential investors directly through targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring maximum exposure for your project (additional cost applies).

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