Getting Started

What is Finblox?

FINBLOX is a gamified crypto super-app that offers various products and services to help grow your digital assets through trading and earning amazing rewards in simple and fun ways. Finblox users can leverage their crypto assets to participate in various programs with financial, entertainment, and lifestyle products in the ecosystem.
The design of every program is to be exciting and simple for our users to feel enjoyment while building their crypto wealth in various fun ways. It is intended to be a platform where users can easily interact with the broader digital asset ecosystem in one super app powered by the Finblox (”FBX”) token.
We also feature some of the most competitive rates, and rewards are paid out daily through the power of compounding interest. There are no minimums, no lock-ins, and no restrictions on when users can withdraw - and the UI is minimal, making for a transparent and user-friendly experience.
Finblox is one of the best apps to buy cryptocurrencies and earn passive income.

Where is Finblox based?

Finblox is based in Hong Kong and has team members all around the world from countries such as the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, EU, Russia, and more.
Users will be pleased to know that their crypto investments are protected and carry Digital Asset Crime Insurance* by Fireblocks for up to US$45M. Additional cybersecurity and fraud prevention services are provided by our partner, Coincover - making Finblox one of the safest and most reputable platforms to buy cryptocurrencies and store your digital assets.

Who can use Finblox?

Finblox is usable by anyone who:
  • is at least 18 years of age
  • comes from a country that is not sanctioned or on a watchlist, or selectively restricted jurisdictions
Please see more information on our Terms of Use here, and our list of restricted countries here.

What are the benefits of using Finblox?

Finblox is one of the best places for beginners and veterans alike to store and earn rewards on their crypto for the following reasons:
  • There are no minimum required balances. Users can buy crypto instantly and begin earning rewards, whether they start small or big.
  • Unlike other crypto-buying apps, no lock-ins or staking periods are required to earn your yields.
  • Withdrawals are completely free of charge and can be performed at any time. In fact, Finblox charges zero platform fees!
  • Yields are earned through the power of compounding interest and are paid out daily.
  • Finblox allows you to buy crypto with credit and debit cards through our dedicated partner, Moonpay.
  • Our world-class customer support team is lightning fast and available to assist you through email, website chat, and Discord!
  • Finblox supports over 23 different cryptocurrencies and offers some of the highest rates in the market on stablecoins. To view all supported assets and rates, please click here.