Mobile App

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The Mobile App

The Finblox mobile app is austere and frictionless, a crypto platform designed to onboard the next 100 million users into the crypto ecosystem.
The app is available and rated 4.9 stars on the iOS and Google Play app stores and via WebApp. Ultimately, it is the most user-friendly app for anyone where they can passively earn rewards on many popular digital assets!

Security and Custodianship

Finblox has taken extreme measures to create a framework of multi-layer security for crypto funds deposited into custodian vaults operated by our partner, Fireblocks. Fireblocks provides us with a secure wallet infrastructure and is one of the largest cryptocurrency custodian providers in the world, trusted by prominent names in the industry.
They keep cryptocurrencies safe from cyber threats and hacks using the latest technology in the digital security industry.
Any custodian-held digital assets in Fireblocks have Digital Asset Crime Insurance, and their system is fully encrypted with multi-layer military-grade security that has been SOC 2 II Certified.
Ernst & Young gave Fireblocks a Service Auditor’s Report confirming that Fireblocks meets or exceeds SOC 2 Type II requirements.