Our Programs

Rewarding our Community

New Programs!

To encourage the future growth of Finblox, we will implement various programs where users can be rewarded with FBX tokens for a range of actions taken by our users.
⭐ New Verified User: FBX tokens will be rewarded to new verified users to encourage their first deposit on the platform and active participation in the community.
⭐ Gamification: The Gamification module of Finblox allows users to earn FBX tokens when they accomplish tasks. Fun games are also part of the modules that encourages community building and help users understand the platform better while reaching certain financial milestones.
⭐ Bug Bounty: Finblox seeks continual improvement on our platforms and will offer rewards - based on the severity of the bug - to our users who submit successful bug reports.
⭐ Referral Program: When an individual referrer recommends another user to our platform, we reward them based on their referee's deposit balance size and ability to fulfill a required deposit time on the platform.
⭐ Affiliate Program: For high-powered marketers, bloggers, and businesses that prefer a commissioned approach - referrers will earn rewards relative to the number of individual users they bring in and a portion of their referrals’ yields.
⭐ Mission Accomplished Program: Accomplish fun missions, receive rewards in FBX tokens or FBS (Finblox Stars), and apply these tokens to different benefits!
⭐ Tiered Loyalty Program: Become a VIP member by keeping FBX tokens! The more you hold, the more possibilities you will have for additional benefits and prizes! Gain access to membership programs where you can earn more and win more rewards.