A simple and easy way to earn rewards on crypto

An easy and simple way to earn rewards on digital assets.

FinEarn's design allows users to deposit their digital assets and easily earn rewards. It is the simplest way to generate outstanding yet predictable yields on your crypto investments. We aim to provide industry-leading rates with no minimum balance on deposits, lock-ins, or withdrawal periods. See a list of more features below:


⚡No minimum balance is required
⚡Automatic earnings compounded daily
⚡Secured by military-grade and SOC II custodian vaults
FinEarn's solution offers flexible savings on established stablecoins and tokens such as BTC, ETH, USDC, Polygon, and Solana - making it an attractive alternative to many traditional methods.

Highlighted Features

Power of Compounding Earnings

The power of compounding interest works by exponentially growing your wealth by counting the profit earned to the principal amount and reinvesting the entire sum to accelerate profit-making. Never underestimate the power of compounded earnings.

Military-grade and SOC II Certified Custodian Vaults

Finblox has also assured its user's protection from cyberattacks, internal colluders, and human errors by partnering with the #1 digital asset security company, Fireblocks - which has built one of the most impenetrable systems in the market. It features a multi-layer security matrix, MPC, Intel SGX, signature Policy Engine, and a deposit address authentication network.
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