Superapp Wallet

Supercharge your Crypto
Finblox aims to be a crypto superapp wallet with gamified components built on a secure and compliant platform. Diverse products will be built on this platform for users to grow their crypto and digital assets. They will earn in-kind rewards when participating in our ecosystem with products built for entertainment and financial purposes.

Superapp Concept

A superapp is an application that provides end users with a central core element. This core can support additional features like mini-apps within an ecosystem that end users can choose from for their personalized app experience. For Finblox, the superapp should be built with efficiency, adaptability, and mass scalability in mind.

Superapp + Wallet Solution

Finblox looks to solve the need for end-users to access a range of crypto services through an ecosystem where our development team builds and deploys modular micro-apps to the superapp. This provider ecosystem amplifies the superapp’s value by providing convenient access to a broader range of services within the app.
Thus the Finblox Superapp will consolidate and replace the need for multiple crypto apps for end-users looking for convenient, safe, and fun ways to store and trade their digital crypto assets. An all-in-one place for broad crypto essentials.

Value Proposition

  • Multi-layer Security
  • User-friendly interface
  • No platform fees
  • Integrated third-party partnerships
  • Backed by reputable investors
  • Compounding daily Interest
  • A solid team coming from top companies in ASEAN

Research and Development

While all the features are intended to interconnect the entire ecosystem. Every design will be thoroughly tested and reviewed by our research department, which takes user advice and feedback into account. By leveraging our team's experience, hard work, and skills - Finblox plans to implement the following innovations:
  • Swapping (FinSwap)
  • Crypto Rewards Pool (Pool Party)
  • P2P trading (FinP2P)
  • Launchpad (FinLaunch)
  • NFT Marketplace (FinNFT)
  • Prediction Market (Destiny)
  • Debit/Credit cards (FinCard)
In the future, we hope to create an interconnected system that runs efficiently using crypto and blockchain technology - allowing all of our innovations to have interpolation.
With our team and resources, Finblox will invest its time and energy in discovering more efficient ways to improve our technology - such as improving cost and increasing transaction speeds linked to our network.
Interpolation is the combining of fees from different assets into one liquidity pool for the sharing of fees across the network. (SuperPool)

Supported Digital Assets and Current Rates

We currently support 24 popular digital assets on our platform and will add more in the future.​