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Market Considerations

With the advent of any new market-changing technology, the old world order often struggles to adapt to new world realities. Even today, many institutions find it challenging to agree whether cryptocurrencies are the future or a passing phase.
The following table provides a few examples of the advantages that Finblox has compared to leading traditional models.
Traditional Banks
Countries of Operation
Limited by capital and regulation
Limited by regulation
AML Policies
Conventional security practices/prone to human error
Ultra-secure blockchain and ledger technology
Residence requirements for clients
Limited by countries of operations and AML regulations
Only technical limitations and AML regulations
International Transfers
Slow and expensive
Quick and cost-friendly
Transaction Speed
Up to several days
Few minutes; up to 48 hours in exceptional cases
Fund Withdrawal Speed
Up to several days (depending on amount)
Few minutes; up to 48 hours in exceptional cases
Integration of New Services and Partners
Difficult and slow
Easy and fast
Currency Conversion Fees
As low as 0%
Despite the growing momentum behind decentralized finance, Finblox hopes to integrate DeFi innovations within our centralized system. This middle ground is a critical stepping stone to an entirely decentralized future and the benefits it can afford to first-time crypto users. We are navigating the paradigm, providing a platform that incentivizes and streamlines financial services using a utility token (FBX) across network activities.
“Digital tokens are imperative for the democratization of finance. Today, blockchain power is proving that their efficiency and transparency is broadening the access to financial instruments across the globe to a wider variety of users - which in turn boosts the liquidity of the market.”
- Finblox