Web App

Many crypto users feel more comfortable accessing their digital asset portfolio through a more expansive interface with more detailed information. Professional traders and corporate clients in the Finblox user base crave a better version of the Finblox mobile application to suit these needs.

Welcome to the brand new desktop version of the Finblox app!

Finblox Web Application
The Finblox web app can be easily accessed via any web browser on any computer, even on mobile phone browsers! The web app's design fits developed users' needs and provides more convenience to ordinary users. From detailed views of transaction history to token sales pages, the Finblox web app will soon pioneer every cutting-edge feature of the Finblox ecosystem.
Combining the mobile and the web app will help bring the possible reality of Finblox's vision of a better financial future to its users by utilizing the power of blockchain technology and our dedication to providing unbelievable features to the community and its ecosystem.
Last modified 8mo ago