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Fast, low cost, and easy way to exchange your crypto!

Swapping Made Simple

Our proprietary Optimus Alpha Trading Engine powers FinSwap. This engine ensures users a deep liquidity pool developed by our engineers to provide trades for users at optimal executed prices efficiently.
With our trading engine, you can quickly exchange your crypto for another crypto at lower fees and slippage than if you were to trade them on larger crypto exchanges.
⚡ Swap with just a few clicks
⚡ Choose from many popular digital assets
⚡ No need for third-party payment fees
This way, your crypto will never have to leave the Finblox platform, so you can continue to take advantage of the power of daily compounding - making managing and building your wealth through crypto more convenient, quicker, and cheaper!
In the later stages of the development of the Finblox Loyalty program - users will also enjoy a cashback every time a swap transaction is initiated!
Last modified 6mo ago