​DestinyX is the online prediction markets platform Finblox has partnered with that allows users worldwide to win prizes by correctly choosing the future outcomes of popular global events.
The users will have access to a borderless prediction pool that serves as a central information hub where participants can discover their favourite topics, increase their knowledge, and engage with like-minded people.
Some of the main benefits are:
  • Easy-to-use interface with gamified functionalities
  • Access to trendy and exciting topics
  • Highly accurate forecasting due to a broader audience
  • Diverse participants from across the globe.
Participation in events requires FBS (Fate Blazing Stars) - an in-app currency. Users can make predictions, vote on the outcome of an event with their FBS, and win more FBS as rewards from various prize pools!
The borderless prediction pool will have numerous events to serve as an efficient market for absorbing and aggregating the world’s information.
When the prediction market becomes borderless, the information will be accessible to a much broader audience, increasing diversity and participation size and, as a result, enhancing the accuracy of forecasts - becoming a powerful “Truth Engine.”